31 January, 2010

I asked myself...

 I asked myself...

- What is more important for me, memories or dreams? I answered memories push us back and dreams takes us forward and with that conscious choice I could bring a tremendous change in my life.
- Am I living my life for an audience? In  what ways should I be more true to myself, despite what other people expect from me?
- What recurring patterns cause me pain or discomfort? How could I change my behavior or lifestyle to avoid repeating them?
- What are the unfinished things in my life that I should walk away from now? I felt sometimes it is better to make room for new dreams if old ones have been pending for too long.
- What do I expect now from people who have hurt, disappointed and have let me down?
- Am I ready to heal the damaged relationships or is it time to move on?
- How would I act and look at the age of 60? Would I be called "a nasty old cow" or "an elegant poised and gracious person"?
- When I set my goals today, do I clearly see them coming to fruition in the future? Or am I blocking it subconsciously, due to my suppressed fears?
- Am I as healthy as I want to be? What must I do to be physically and mentally as healthy as I want to be?
- How do I want to love and be loved? What is my true definition of a satisfying relationship marriage or love affair? What is stopping me from hiding that?

Those are the things I asked myself when I want inner happiness and joy.  At first I thought I dunno myself, but eventually as time passes by you get to know yourself even more. Confidence? you hafta earn it, Friends gotta give it to them, Popularity? Is like what you've done lately. As things progress I learn to be tough and manage to stand up on my own (against all odds) 

One thing I realized when I get older, that life is not just a mere wheel that someone could realize he is on top for quite sometime but eventually roll down then vice versa. Life is but the entire vehicle and you are the driver. You maneuvered to your desired direction. You plan what type of journey you want to have. But along the way you meet a lot of things, a lot of people, encounter different experiences and they affect the kind of journey you want to have and influenced the direction you want to head on. You cannot help it, you cannot resist them, they are part of your journey.You are the driver and being influenced and honed by different obstacles you went through are still part of it. And as long as you decide for the path you want to take and you stand for it no matter what, you will never be wrong.

My father taught me to live a balance life. Live, Love, Play etc. etc. He always said too much of a good thing eventually becomes bad. He always encouraged me to be better through learning, education trying. And to always revere the language and the truth. No man could ever be happy if he lives his life without principles. No one else is responsible for your actions but you.

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