21 September, 2009

Fresh Source of Inspiration

Street Smart
Fresh source of inspiration
By Mandy Navasero
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:56:00 09/18/2009

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“IF I were to be interviewed about Noynoy Aquino, this would be my story,” Hernani Geronimo said about the piece below when I photographed him. Nanie, a journalism graduate, is one of the 10 winners in the Gig Writing Contest on seafarers’ lives. Excerpts from his piece, “The Best Brand Today”:
“It is incredible that the best political brand now is again an Aquino. But, until last Wednesday, September 9, he was a reluctant candidate. Now, Ninoy and Cory’s only son is thrust into an unraveling political drama, in which people are hungry for a fresh source of inspiration and hope. Finally, he has announced his readiness to lead us to liberation.
“What does this mean to us? It means that we can trust a leader again. We can be sure he will not steal and taint the memory of his parents. We see sincerity and simplicity in vogue again. And, once again, we can hope.
“These may be simple reasons, and certainly, they’re not solutions to our nation’s pressing problems. After all, Noy is no Superman. But, his decision to seek the presidency is enough reason to inspire us to once again give our best, do what’s right and decent, and be genuinely engaged in helping rebuild the country.
“Noynoy’s administration will no doubt restore our faith in the democratic institutions ruined by blind ambition, lust for power and ostentatious living. He will rule sincerely and love his constituents unconditionally.”

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