11 September, 2009

Please Less of Kris Aquino.

Sure, I will vote for Noynoy Aquino for his values and simplicity that isn’t wont be corrupted. I had this sudden change of heart when I read about Noynoy's sincerity and simplicity as a person. He has substance and dignity. Sya lang naman ang Presidentiables na reluctant to run for Public Office. And I know that he wouldn’t even try to ruin the image of his parents. I think he'll be a good and honest President. But please less of Kris Aquino’s yaketty-yak-yak about NoyNoy because she might ruin the endearment of Filipino people to her Kuya. The whole nation naman know how maarte and pakialamera itong kapatid nya. Lagi yatang gusto ng attention. That even the lovelife of her Kuya pinakikialam nya, she insisted that Noy stay single which I am prompting to ask: di kaya na offend dun sa sinabi nya yung future sister-in-law nya? She should stop talking about Noy’ personal life or how she would want to help her brother that she is willing to sell her house to make funds for Noy's campaign, it’s given, they really need to raise funds for the campaign period. That even the need to talk about Noynoy's make over from clothes to shoes to haircut and everything else kahit di naman pang showbiz ang kapatid nya, but she needs to talk about this on National Television. She can do all the help in whatever way possible for Noynoy’s campaign but please do it QUIETLY na lang. I am really hats off to actors like the MEGASTAR and the STAR FOR ALL SEASONS because they don’t make their household a big issue as if it is a gossip. I have such respect for people like them. They don’t need controversies to stay on top. Sometimes I would like to think na natatakot yung ibang tao (yung ibang Game KNB contestants dati) to sit with her for an interview because she noticed everything, where did you buy your clothes? What about your shoes? Doesn’t she know that she has her own lifestyle that other people cannot afford? We don't need to know that she wear high end designer clothes, how expensive her shoes, what she’s eating , what’s going on with their household etc., of course she can afford everything she wants because she is the "queen of all media".( I just don’t know where the title came from, because I don’t believe she is) Siempre isa yan sa highest paid celebrities sa kanilang istasyon.(Di ba sya naman ang laging bida at ang kanyang likuran sa mga TV shows nya everything about her is a BIG catch for the show, na ewan ko bakit ba naman ganun kababaw na they need to talk it over and over, madaming artista naman na pede pang pag usapan bukod sa kanya) But not to people who are intelligent enough kung ano ang kababawan lang at kung ano ang may sense at class. I would like to think that she is the exact opposite of her sisters, theirs is quiet and serene(and very seldom to see in public, Si Pinky nito ko nga lang nakita, the passing of her beloved mom). Wasn't it easy for her to shut up and be quiet about all these stuff? Napakayaman nya para mawalan ng class. Stop talking about family issues in public, make it private. It doesn't mean that if you're a public figure you owe it to the public to bare it all. There are limitations. Yes she has a lot of fans that might bring votes to Noynoy. But there are also a lot of people who don't like Kris' nauseatingly kaartehan and her values. I think mas madaming boboto kay Noynoy if less of Kris. Si Noynoy na lang and her other sisters ang magsalita.Let Noynoy speak for himself, let them talk kasi they're more credible(and also Rapa Lopa, Tita Cory’s nephew) kasi nde sila mahilig pangunahan ang kapatid nilang si Noynoy. May intelligence na may class pa. Mas quiet si Kris mas win-able si Noynoy.

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